Rachael Sage and the Sequins

Mythical Stage



Heralding from St Alban's, Alexis Kings formed in 2015 to create one of the most prominent british rock band coming out of the United Kingdom. Their unique sound, contagious energy and creative inspirations has been their unwavering foundation to their multi layered influence within music and pop culture. Alexis Kings delivery is that of classic dark rock and roll with a sincere rhythm and blues undertone. Their work is a wake up call surrounding London's ever evolving music scene.



The Mother Ukers are a Ukulele band performing covers and original material for your pleasure. Using ukuleles of all shapes and sizes the Mother Ukers take you on a musical journey through time and space. Mixing up sounds captured in the minds of mortals from over a hundred years to create their unique ‘Ukular Fusion’. With songs & flavours of Modern pop, Punk, Classic rock, the Swinging 60s, Fabulous 50s blended together and marinaded with the sound and rhythms of the roaring 20s and seasoned with a touch of the blues in a swamp grass melody. The Mother Ukers unleash the power of their humble little four string ukes and guarantee to tickle your ears, kiss your soul & get them feet a tapping!



The Dollymops formed in Oxford in early 2018 bringing together the laconic, witty cynicism and catchy hooks of guitarist and lyricist Tom Hadfield, the irreverent, high energy vocal stylings of Sean Stevens and the punchy, high energy rhythm section of Jacob Appleton and Simon Calver. The boys quickly established themselves as one of the best bands on the much revered Oxford music scene, bringing an intensity of energy to their live sets which sets them apart from their musical peers and with two well received EPs already under their belts, and a third to come early in 2019. Now signed to FourTwenny Records, 2019 promises to be a breakout year for the band.....



Talebearer are an acoustic and electric folk-rock band hailing from Portsmouth. All of Talebearer's tunes are original using their own lyrics or those from traditional songs with a particular fondness for the murder ballad though they also ring the changes with plenty of tunes to get the body moving. Originally created to perform a 20 minute suite of songs based on tales of the sea Talebearer’s music now combines folk with country and a hint of blues and psychedelia. 



The Trad Project" hit the festival scene running in 2018, winning over crowds at every performance with their high intensity tune sets and original, hook filled, songs that you just can’t help but sing along to.
Following their debut performance at Gordon Castle Highland games in May they've gone on to support Elephant Sessions at The Ironworks, Inverness, perform at Tiree, Speyfest, Belladrum & Eden Festivals and open the main stage at Killin Music Festival.
They may be new on the scene but they give every performance 100% and you are guaranteed to be singing, clapping and stomping along from the very first tune.
Be one of the first to catch this new band live - you won't be disappointed.



Influenced by great bands of both past and present, Tom, Lexi, Izzy, Gaz and Drake bring new life and energy to the table of today’s current Rock scene, producing a vibrant, 21st Century form of balls-to-the-wall Rock N’ Roll! 

Mermaid Acoustic Lounge



Delivering a mixture of musical influences, Chloe Mogg creates a musical journey with her songs and own arrangements of covers. As a young singer-songwriter with “parrot” hair, she brings life and colour to her performances. Known for her quirkiness and smile, she haunts the audience with her ability to tell a story with only her voice, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and ‘strange’ effects. 



Southwest music award finalists Devonbirds  vibrant performance is a mix of original soul touching folk songs  firmly rooted in  Westcountry folklore and dialect,   interspersed with lively traditional foot stomping jigs and reels to get you kicking up a dance. They love telling tales with plenty of stories about highwaymen, witches and magic , conjuring  their  rich tapestry of sound with an accomplished mix of vocals, fiddle, whistle, bouzouki and guitar playing.  With their highly anticipated third album due for release in 2018 the trio have been gigging across the country to rave reviews delighting crowds at festivals and events. Devonbird are Kath Bird Vocals, whistle, Sophia Colkin Fiddle, Andy Clarke Guitar Bouzouki and stringed instruments



Croft and Cotes are an indie/ pop duo consisting of twin brothers Matt and Dan. Inspired by Simon and Garfunkel, John Mayer.



Nikki is a singer and songwriter hailing from Shropshire. She draws on her wide range of personal experiences for the content of her song writing and with a genre and era spanning musical fascination what she crafts is emotive, passionate and moving.



Nick Tann is an award winning performer and singer songwriter based in Eastleigh Hampshire. In 2017 he teamed up with renowned double bass supremo Bastien Terraz. Together, they recorded “Authentic”, a collection of 6 original songs, some previously unheard. After around 10 months of touring around the country. Playing festivals and venues as well as a couple of bad ideas, they recruited drummer and percussionist Guy Siviour. Guy’s additional skills further bought Nick’s songs to the fore and enabled them to perform at larger events including the Wickham Festival, their biggest to date. Add to that a flurry of performances for Sofar Sounds in Southampton, Winchester, Brighton, Bournmouth and Nottingham and a handful of smaller festivals, there is now a forward momentum that is moving at a rate of knots.



Creating an enchanting and diverse blend of uplifting and heartfelt fresh acoustic folk and pop and drawing on many diverse influences, Kez weaves unique cover versions into a musical tapestry, including traditional folk, pop with a twist and his own original spellbinding songs. Kez has recently released his new single In The Moment, which is now available for digital download across all platforms and airing on many radio stations nationwide.



Matt and Lavinia are a medway based duo singing songs from R&B , Blues, soul and jazz to contemporary pop covers. Together they demonstrate a tight musical bond and illustrate both an engaging and harmonious balance  on stage.



Tensheds audacious showmanship and Rachmaninoff style piano skills, deftly delivers a brand of gritty, heavy, edgy blues/punk, which incorporate elements of this classical background.  


Honing his craft in the time-honoured tradition, hoboing the road. Most recently touring the UK supporting Beans On Toast, while over the years Tensheds has had the honour of opening for legends; John Mayall, Mick Taylor, Hazel O’Connor, Paul Young, Roger Chapman, Spear Of Destiny, Blockheads, Paul Kelly, and James Burton. Not to mention his touring commitments with Jim Jones And The Righteous Mind as fulltime keyboard player. 


Awarded the Discretional Rock Award from the House Of Lords with the release of his 3rd album, Tensheds was described be fellow pianist Rick Wakeman as “A Very Rare Talent”. 



Yazmyn Hendrix builds layers of ethereal voice, carving something out of nothing and making time stand still for minutes at a time. Her songs ooze pain and passion, singing of love , life, reality and dreams. Yazmyn is synaesthetic, meaning she associates each melody, sound and rhythm with different colours, shapes and textures which gives her a unique perspective when writing and performing.



India Blue shares enchanting faerie-folk music about nature, 

magic and spirituality. Equipped with her harp,  and other 

stringed instruments for some intimate allacoustic sets, India will take you to faerie-land



All the Way From Germany!!!!!!
and Exclusively playing at Enchantica Festival!!!!!

The one …… The Only...… 🦁 LION O KING👑
Born in Ethiopia, and raised in Southern Italy, Berlin, and New York, the Lion has been a student of the world before he could walk. He was trained by the wise while he ate with the poor. He knows what it’s like to be hungry. And we all know that he is ready to feast.

Lion O. King ​is inspired by the likes of J.J. Cale, Michael Jackson​, Moby​, David Bowie​, Jim Carrey​ and Barack Obama and has performed on stages such as Rock am Ring and many shows across Germany, Europe and the US.

Lion O. King is back with his third full length solo album.